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Amp Repairs

1)  Our labor rate for 2015 is $45 / hour. Repair and replacement parts prices are more than competitive as we add a very minimal markup on parts, just to cover real costs.

2) Some low cost amps may not be worth repairing. The repair cost may not be justified when compared to the price of a new amp of similar quality.

2) Our expertise is tube guitar amps, however if a solid state guitar amp’s manufacturer makes documentation and unique repair parts available, we can handle those too. We can take on solid state amps on a case by case basis.

3) We can repair all Fender amps, solid state or tube. We do warranty work on all Fender amps that are still covered provided you bring a copy of the original sales receipt.

4) We can repair most guitar pedals.

5) Often we must open up an amplifier and spend time diagnosing a customer’s amplifier before we can provide a quotation on the repair costs. In those cases the customer will be charged for the time to do the diagnosis if they choose not to proceed with the repair. The diagnostic charge will not exceed $40 and is often less. Customers with amps of low value should consider this when bringing in an amp.

We will not proceed with a full repair until the customer accepts our quotation.

Services Offered

Amp tuneup

Clean controls and jacks, check and replace tubes, bias the output tubes, verify proper performance and tone.

Amp repair

Diagnose problems and correct them.

Speaker Replacement

Often the least expensive way to get the biggest improvement in tone. We can help you choose the speaker that suites your taste, get it for you, and install it.’

Replacement parts

We can get you what was lost, or maybe you never had, such  as foot switches, knobs, back panels,   etc.


Do you have a ’64 Blackface Deluxe Reverb that some guy painted green in 1971? We can make it look and sound like it should.