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Payment and Policy

Lesson Payment & Cancellation Policy

Please Read

Your Instructor is serious about music and we hope that you are as well. Taking music lessons requires a commitment and if you expect to make progress, you must find the time for practice.
We ask that you please be on time for your lessons and adhere to your assigned material.

1.     Advance Payment: Lessons are to be paid for, in advance, in 4 week cycles. The cost is $120
for 4 weekly lessons. A receipt stating lessons paid for and/or lessons owed will be provided with each advance payment.

2.     Cancellations: Students are asked to give at least 24 hour notice to cancel a scheduled lesson;
except in the case of illness or other last-minute conflict, in which case students are asked to call as soon as they know they will be missing their scheduled lesson time. If notice is provided, a make-up lesson will be scheduled at the earliest possible date. All missed lessons must be made up within that month or forfeited. Missed lessons will no longer carry over into the next month. Special exceptions may be made for vacations, or if we are unable to find a mutually convenient date before month’s end, etc. If the student does not show up for the make-up date, student will forfeit that lesson.

3.     No-shows: If the student misses a lesson without calling/texting in advance (a “no-show”), the student will forfeit that lesson and no make-up lesson will be scheduled. Any student who misses two consecutive lessons without calling (either before or after the missed lesson) will be assumed to have quit and will be dropped from the schedule.

4.     Cancellation by teacher: If the Instructor needs to miss a lesson, you will be notified as soon as possible and we will schedule a make-up lesson. All scheduled lessons cancelled by us will be credited to you and a make-up lesson time will be scheduled with you.

5.     LATE for Lesson: All students are encouraged to arrive 5 minutes early and tune their instruments to get the maximum benefit of the 30 minute lesson. Students more than 5 minutes late will not get the full 30 minutes. Most lessons are scheduled back to back. Your lesson will end when it is time for the next student’s lesson to begin. If your lesson starts late because my schedule is running behind, you WILL get your full 30 minutes.

6.     Refunds: If student decides to quit taking lessons in the middle of a 4-week lesson cycle, all remaining lessons will be forfeited. No refunds will be given.

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